Sun, Surf, and 2000 WordPress Friends

Sun, Surf And 2000+ WordPress Friends

Help Bring One Of The Biggest Affordable Web & Marketing Conferences To South Florida

WordCamp US For 2021 & 2022

Why South Florida?

Why Would Miami or Ft. Lauderdale Be A Good Pick? Glad you asked!

🌐 Central To More People

South Florida is centrally located between the United States, Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Africa.

☀️ Sunny Weather

It’s “paradise weather” in November and December! Mild temperatures day and night. No parkas. No heavy jackets. No ❄️. No deserts. Not land-locked.

🏖️ Plenty To Do

Beaches, nice restaurants, and sight-seeing is only the tip of the iceberg. Many family-friendly options as well.

👍 Host With The Most

For 12 years, WordCamp Miami is has been known for it’s diversity and attention to the attendee experience.

It’s Not Just The Place, It’s About The People.

WordCamps and conferences are about the attendees first. Thanks to some great volunteers and organizers WCMIA has enjoyed making fun things over the years (and sharing them with others).

We want to bring some fresh (and legal) ideas to WCUS 2021 and 2022.

Why South Florida?

There’s plenty to do and see in South Florida while you are enjoying the conference.

✈️ Two International Airports

Fly into Miami International Airport (MIA) or Ft. Lauderdale International (FLL). There’s even a third airport if you count West Palm Beach Intentional Airport (PBI).

🏖️ First WordCamp Near Water

Boating, Jet Skiing, Jungle Queen, and several of the most premier beachfronts. Even if you aren’t going near the water there is ton of variety: comedy clubs, dance clubs, zoos, and shopping (Sawgrass, Aventura, and tons more),

🎭 Museums & Art

If you are into arts and museums then there plenty of places to check out. Greater Fort Lauderdale alone is an arts metropolis where music, film, art and fashion intersect.

🍹 Food & Atmosphere

South Florida is the home of South Beach, Wynwood, Downtown Miami & Brickell, Coconut Grove, Downtown Ft. Lauderdale… all home of unique restaurants serving tropical drinks, delicious Caribbean food, and classic favoriates. Something for everyone.

🚙 Hotels & Transportation

Rental Cars, Uber, Lyft… South Florida has them all. Plus a wide variety of hotels (we are a feature destination area after all) so everything from the super fancy to the super affordable.

Meet the dream team.

We’re a group of volunteers that are working on trying to bring WCUS to the South Florida area. If you can help spreading the word or with logistics for our application, please reach out to us.

David Bisset


Father³. PHP, WordPress, BuddyPress Developer. Co-founder of WordCamp Miami. Helps run local meetups, WCUS, and voices inside his head.

Rian Kinney


eCommLegal CEO, Director of Operations at Mindsize, Attorney. World Traveler. Fire-eating, SCUBA diver. Word Nerd.

Ester “Etty” Sims


Freelance web developer. Social media & marketing coordinator. Academic Technologist for a local college. Long time WCMIA volunteer. Vegan.

Jim Wells


eNewsletter Producer & Facebook Page Manager for Faith-Based Organizations & Non-Profits. Long time volunteer for WordCamp Miami.

We recently asked WordPress professionals about having a WordCamp US in South Florida…

…and let’s see what they said. Unpaid. Unedited. Unblackmailed.

“I have been to multiple WordCamp US and I can’t think of a better spot than Miami (South Florida) for WCUS 2021.

My experiences at the past WordCamp Miami events are the most memorable out of all camps because they always go above and beyond by adding unique things like game cards, game shows, thoughtful swags, and relevant topic-focused workshops for users of various skill levels. I truly hope to see WordCamp US in Miami *fingers crossed*.”


Syed Balkhi

Awesome Motive, Inc.

“Having the WCMIA team leverage their experience for WordCamp US sounds like an AMAZING opportunity that shouldn’t be missed…

Add to that the unique centralized location near the Caribbean and South America, the super mild climate, and you have a knockout location.”


Topher DeRosia


“Would LOVE to see WCUS in Miami!  Great community, weather and history of WordPress amazingness.  #MyVoteIsWithMiami”


Zac Gordon


I think South Florida would be a great place for a WordCamp US… WCMIA has been communicative, organized, and accommodating to topics and proposed talks. If any team is qualified to host the next WCUS, I truly feel it’s the WCMIA team.” 


Joe Casabona

Web Developer & Trainer

Miami’s location opens up attendance from the Caribbean and Latin America, which I would think would have a positive impact on diversity.”


Pat Ramsey

Crowd Favorite

A WCUS event held in South Florida would also be a convenient location for international travelers and that’s incredibly important for bringing the global community together.”


Adam Warner


I would absolutely root for two years of WordCamp US in Miami!”


Taco Verdonschot


I would like the next WCUS to be in South Florida! It’s perfect not only for those in the US but also from many neighboring countries.

I am from Costa Rica and every year I participate in the WCMIA, and I think it’s incredible!”


Alfredo Navas


“Sipping a tropical drink enjoying the nice warm breeze – not too hot, not too cold. What a perfect way to relax with friends after a day of conferencing. I would totally support this!”


Jocelyn Mozak

Freelancer, Agency Owner

“After moving from NYC I was pleasantly surprised to discover several networks of WordPress Meetups and WordCamps across Florida. I would love for South Florida to host a large event like WCUS.”


Daniel Schutzsmith


“I feel Florida is a great choice for the next WordCamp US. Definitely would support it in South Florida. Count me in.”


Chris Wiegman


“I would welcome WCUS in South Florida as it has easy access to Europe, South and Central America. Also it has the country’s only private high-speed rail. And a bulletproof team to boot. It makes sense of all levels.”


Mike Demopoulos


“I’ve been to Florida for WordCamp Miami. I think it would be great if it happened for WCUS. WCMIA was one of the best camps I’ve been to.”


Jason Tucker


“I can’t think of a better location for WordCamp US than Miami! The weather is perfect, it’s easy to get to and the South Florida WordPress community is amazing. WCMIA is always the highlight of my year, and I know WCUS in Miami would be even better.”


Brad Morrison


“I can honestly say that Miami’s WordCamp is everything I’d want my own local conference to be – great hands on workshops, and well picked presenters. The organization team has their planning down. I can easily see a WCUS in Miami happen, and it would be a big success.”


Nile Flores

Designer / Developer

“As a Canadian, Miami holds a special place in my heart. South Florida is where my people go when we need to escape from the winter. So let’s all pretend we’re Canadian snowbirds this year and head to Miami, eh? I’ll bring the ketchup chips.”


Andy McIlwain


“South Florida a fantastic destination with several major airports, and it’s nice and warm during the colder months in the north. This hard-working, forward-thinking team consistently produces an engaging, evolving event, and I’d be proud to support them hosting WCUS”


Michelle Schulp


“They do an amazing job taking care of their speakers and sponsors. Having worked with them during WCUS 2019 I would love to do it again. And the warm weather and environment is pretty fantastic too. ;)”


Sophia DeRoisa


“As a former WCUS organizer 2017, 2018, and 2019 I can personally attest to the desirability of a great location for WCUS. I think Miami has several advantages that cannot be overlooked.

Miami itself is a melting pot and a city highly welcoming to people of many cultures and backgrounds… and the weather makes the event more accessible with possibilities of outdoor options.”


Laura Byrne-Cristiano

Marketer, Social Media, Performer

“WCMIA has always attracted a more diverse and international crowd. I enjoyed meeting and hearing from other attendees almost as much as learning from the speakers. It also helped that they organized lots of ways to get discussions going like lightning talks and group activities.”


Priscilla Chapman


“South Florida is a great candidate for WCUS. They’ve proven themselves to have a consistently strong organizing team and they have been big on diverse speaker lineups for years, so I know that they would continue to be a champion for this in the larger team.”


Jill Binder

WP Diverse Speaker Training Lead

“South Florida would be an excellent WordCamp US location. The weather is appealing… lots of convenient flights and two airports nearby.

Most of all, the community there is so warm and welcoming. I also love that they embrace the FUN in a conference, and have made WCMIA unique and creative.”


Tara Claeys

Design TLC

“I would LOVE to see WCUS here in South Florida. We’ve got great weather, lots of things to do, and a fantastic WordPress community down here.”


Cal Evans

Senior Consultant

“The weather alone is worth it.  More importantly than the location, having the WCMIA team involved in logistics in their home state is an easy win. They raise the bar for all camps I’ve been to in regards to hosting a massive amount of people and keeping things streamlined and under control. This is a win in my opinion.”


Bret Phillips


“I dream of a WordCamp US in the South Florida, where I can travel light to meet one of the most amazing communities in the US. I attended WordCamp Miami only once but have the best memories from it. I have never seen such a diverse group of people attending, speaking, organizing and volunteering at an event.”


Francesca Marano


“I have been a WordCamp Miami attendee for 4 years in row, 2016 till 2019. My experience has always been more than positive, people there are always so welcoming and friendly. The city offers a lot of options to explore for visitors and it will definitely be a good match for future WCUS.”


Mila Kanazirska


“I have no doubt that if WCUS were to land in Miami, it would be one of the best run camps we’ve enjoyed to date. As someone who has perhaps the longest continental flight – San Diego to Miami is quite a trip – I always want an excuse/reason to go to Miami. It’s a great town with no shortage of great food and sights to see. “


Matt Cromwell


“Southern Florida is an absolutely brilliant place to hold the next round WordCamp US!”


Brian Richards

“WordCamp US needs something new, and I cannot imagine anyplace better than South Florida for that to happen. I’ve been attending WordCamp Miami for a decade now, and I’m continuously impressed with how they keep the event feeling fresh and current, with a fantastic array of both local and national speakers.

To distill it all down, it’s always felt like *my* WordCamp US.”


Andrew Norcross


“WordCamps all around the world are undoubtedly special and impactful. WordCamp Miami has something just a little bit different. It takes a really passionate and dedicated community of volunteers to create an event that acts as a keystone and trendsetter for the entire WordCamp circuit. It’s quite simply a “can’t miss” event to so many people. And that is in large part due to the warm locale, all the things to do in the neighboring areas, and the local team of people.”

“In attending and speaking at 3 WordCamp Miami’s now, I’ve been made to feel like a part of a family, not necessarily just like a valued cog in the machine. 


Allie Nimmons

Designer / Developer

“South Florida would be an ideal destination for WordCamp US. Attendees and Sponsors would look forward to traveling to WCMIA from all over the world due to the weather in the cold winter months, as well as the incredible diversity and inclusion the surrounding community provides.”


Rian Kinney

Attorney At Law

“I wholeheartedly would support a WordCamp US in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale area. The central location for people coming from the Central and South America, and the Caribbean and even Europe, makes it a very attractive destination in the fall.”


Birgit Pauli-Haack

Developer, Non-Profit Specialist

“I would like to see the next WCUS in South Florida, I have attended WCMIA three times and it has been fabulous, it is one of my favorite camps around the world! Also, I am from Costa Rica and visiting Florida is very accessible for us, I have been in Florida several times. I love the weather, the food, the art, the people, the Sangrias in South Beach, I really like that there is also a lot of Spanish spoken.”


Ericka Barboza

GreenGeeks Hosting

“As a fresh WordPress Meetup Organizer in 2016, I looked for ideas, inspiration and methods of growing the community from what other communities did. I found a whole lot of that in the WordCamp Miami community. Matter of fact, their KidsCamp was where I drew learnings from to host our first KidsCamp at our also first WordCamp in Lagos 2018. Having WCUS in South Florida would make attending WordCamp US so meaningful for me as I get a chance to be in a place with people I got inspiration from, meet diverse and phenomenal WP folks, and who knows, I might just get my first Salsa lesson while at it too!”


Mary Job

Support Engineer, WordCamp Community Leader (Nigeria)

“I’ve heard lots of great things about the local WordPress community, and I can see it being a great place to have lots of fun and be really creative with organizing… and also PALM TREES.”


Christina Workman

Maintainn, WebDevStudios

“Whatever gets him out of the house.”


Peta-Gaye Bisset

David Bisset’s Wife

Video Is Worth A Million Words

Some people were so passionate about the idea they took to video to express themselves – like our friend Brian Richards of WPSessions. We would be idiots to say no to such testimonials! Right?

Show Your Support!

Ultimately the decision is not made by popular vote, but we thought it would be fun to get it anyway! You don’t have to be exclusive… you can like other cities too!

Just let us know if you would support South Florida (even if it doesn’t happen in 2021).

“I want to see a @WordCampUS in South Florida! #WCUSinSouthFlorida #WCUS

Help Us Out! 🙏